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"Decomposizione" New CD digipack album 2018
Nerocapra's third official full lenght killer album,
out via Warhell Records in December 2018.
This cd includes 11 obscure tracks of primitive blackened
death metal from north Italy. 
A sinister mix of evilness and brutality!
Warhell Records WHRCD010
300 digipack limited edition
Available for 11,90 Euro plus shipping.
"Anamnesis" New CD album 2018
The long awaited third official full lenght album,
about 50 minutes of obscure and original doom metal.
With new album “Anamnesis” Sinoath evolved today into a classic and evocative doom metal sound with visions from first era of nwobhm. For fans of: Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Mercyful Fate, Death SS and Goblin.
Black Widow Records BWRDIST679
Available for 14,90 Euro plus shipping.
"Forged in blood/Still in the grey dying"
Gatefolg double lp 2017
It includes first two cult demos 91/93 plus inedit live songs.
350gsm carton gatefold jacket,2x 140g black vinyl,layout by Chimére Noire.
Vinyl mastering by Spyros Stasis, limited to 500 copies
Available for: 22,90 Euro plus shipping (Only paypal payment!)
Attention: We distribute this article only in Italy.
Out Italy please contact The Sinister Flame Productions
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"Meanders of doom" CD Ep 2015
After 8 years of silence Sinoath return with this obscure and gloomy masterpiece...
Final Earthbeat Productions
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“The dawn of the black hearts” CD compilation bootleg 1995
It includes "Live in Sarpsburg 1990", "Live in Lillehammer 1986"
and "Pure fucking armageddon" demo.
Order your copy to:
“Anthology: Lord of darkness” CD compilation bootleg 2005
This CD is not to be considered as a cheap-ass bootleg,
but merely a legacy, an anthology. All songs are carefully selected.
Order your copy to:

"The true legends in black" CD compialtion bootleg 2000
It contains Darkthrone “Thulcandra” demo from 1989 and
Mayhem‘s original uncut version of Deathcrush Ep from 1987.
Order your copy to:
"Det glemte riket" CD Compilation2005
This compilation captures Ancient in their earliest days, a must have for all black metal fans alike.
(Sleaszy Rider Records)
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"Live ritual - Friday the 13th" CD compilation bootleg 2002
A must for all Blasphemy fans, unmissable.
17 songs includes.
Order your copy to:
"Ancient pride" MCD-Digipack 1997
Their third major release. This is the dipipack limited edition, a gem for true collectors.
(Osmose Productions)
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"Kathaarian vortex" CD Album 2013
Italy's most nihilist, elitistic and hateful Black Metal band, their long awaited debut album.
(My Kingdom Music)
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"A dead poem" CD Album 1997
A dark journey through the gothic metal greek gods.
(Sleaszy Rider Records)
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"Mater of all evil" CD Album 1999
Expert production, blazing guitars, and venomous lyrical spit make it worthy of any fan of black thrash.
(Scarlet Records)
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"Cemetery sickness" CD Album 2014
11 tracks of gore-filled brutal death metal. The album is full of goretastic, face-melting brutality.
(Metal Age Productions)
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"Sinister ceremonies" CD Album 2014
Sinister ceremonies is the zenith of death metal, the genre's glorious past and its promising future.
(The Sinister Flame Productions)
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"In saturn mystique" CD Album 2016 Reissue
Keyboard orientated style of black metal in the 90's vein, while also being more ritualistic, unmissable.
(Rude Awakening Records)
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"Cascade" CD Album 2009
It’s an excellent grind attack, a great ambassador for the genre.
Metal Age Productions
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"Victory or death" CD Album 2015
Norwegian misanthropic black metal one man band.
Black Metal Cult Records
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"I 9 volti del demonio" CD Album 2017
A album that deserves to be owned for quality, passion and sound intransigence, pure black metal.
War Kommand Records
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